Gutter Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Rain gutters play a valuable role in protecting the structural stability of your home. Having the right rain gutters allows your roof to drain properly, preventing water damage from compromising the quality of your residence. Installing new rain gutters -- if your existing gutters have fallen into disrepair -- can be a great way to add value to your property and ensure proper drainage. The installation process can be tricky, but avoiding some common mistakes will allow you to successfully add new rain gutters to your home's exterior.

Controlling Mosquitoes At Your Backyard Party

Mosquitoes can be pesky, uninvited guests at your summertime backyard parties. While there's no way to guarantee that no mosquitoes will find their way into your yard, there are some things you can do to help keep them away. Use this guide to prepare for your next backyard party and keep these pesky critters from nibbling away at your party guests. Party With Plants Even if you don't have your garden already filled with plants that naturally repel mosquitoes, you can add some beautiful greenery to your yard with potted citronella plants.

Winter Decking Care Tips

With winter comes ice and snow, which can be hard on your home's exterior deck. Chances are you don't want to be stuck with expensive deck repairs or replacement come spring. The following tips can help you avoid winter damage so your deck is barbecue ready come the first warm day of summer. Tip #1: Seal and clean in the fall If you have a wooden deck, then the best winter care you can do for it actually takes place in the fall.

Bring The Outdoors In By Using Stone Products To Decorate Your Home

When you purchase a home, decorating it can be a lot of fun. You get to show your unique personality through the way you decorate the house. Stone products can be a great way to tie the beauty of the outdoors to the interior of your home. The following guide walks you through a few stone products to consider adding to your home to make it more unique: Consider Adding a Stone Façade to Your Fireplace

Traditional Christmas Decorations: What You'll Need

The If you've tired of the ultramodern Christmas decorations out there, traditional holiday decorating may be something you're eager to attempt. However, because you're not very familiar with what you'd need for this kind of project, it's wise to have a look at these traditional decorating tips. Keep Candle Holders and Candles in the Windows Centuries ago, a common decorative sight during the Christmas and holiday season was a lest of lit candles in the windows of homes.